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  1. Amen. I knew it was going to be bad when my toddler was asking for cartoons by name. Before long, it was going to be food, but by far my biggest food enemy with the marketing is McDonalds. I can’t count how many times I have to tell my kid no to his Mickey Ds requests. Multiple requests. Per day.Makes me want to shove that chicken mcnugget where the sun don’t shine on those golden arches.

  2. about V-Force it is buyers preferance. No where did I say they come stock. If you think you cannot tell the difference in reed replacement your smoking some good stuff lol There is a major difference in replacing reeds OR pipes and silencers. Thats like saying putting a performance intake on a V8 wouldnt change the feel and difference. It makes a hell of a deifference LMAO.

  3. he wouldn’t, that he wanted civility. Meanwhile, Layton talks about honesty while he goes about lying about the PM and spreading misinformation. Oh, yeah, what about Layton referring to members of the Senate as “those criminals” – prime ministerial, a statesman, huh! And you get certain radio hosts praising Layton without any criticism. And the people lose.Which leads to one conclusion, Stephen Harper is the ONE. Hopefully, Quebecers will come to their senses and vote for the ONLY decent choice, the REAL path to excellence.

  4. reste encore l’option de la liste de naissance. Tout dépend si tu penses vraiment utiliser le robot quotidiennement car il permet de varier les plaisirs par rapport au babycook qui reste cantonné à la cuisson vapeur.Comme on m’a dit sur Twitter, c’est une sorte de mini thermomix 😉

  5. What I really want to know is precisely how much he was spending on them, what did they get financially out of it all. It wasn't just in return for a meal at a restaurant, was it? Or to burnish their groupie credentials? He has plenty of money to throw around as he sees fit, and they knew that. Anyone notice that most of these women have vague job career descriptions, much of it sounding rather unpromising?

  6. Diese Erfahrungen kann ich nur teilen. Egal ob es um Unihockey (5 Jahren Erfahrung) oder Fussball (12Jahre Erfahrung) geht, überall wird gemauschelt. Aber die lautesten, engagiertesten (sie sind eh besser als jeder Trainer) und ungemütlichsten sind leider oft unsere verschiedenen Nachbarn aus südlichen Ländern.

  7. Thanks for your feedback Paul. Have you any evidence to back this up? I’d love to see it. We don’t do things off instinct but test our ideas to make sure they are sound. My feeling for how people search for art was just that, a feeling, which I wanted to get feedback on and then test so your evidence would help, thanks.

  8. I jakie środki albo środki leczenia ziołowe można brać na sen i oddenerwowanie? Leczenie właściwe bezsenności polega na rozsądnym korzystaniu z preparatów na sen. Nie można ich nadto bardzo długo stosować, a ich wybór warto konsultować z lekarzem. Medycyna nadto mało wie na temat ich działania i skutków ubocznych, jakie powinny wywołać. Zioła nasenne czesto wpływają na pracę wielu narządów i układów. To również działanie nie zawsze może być korzystne.

  9. It is sad, but as soon as the novella is out it will give us knew ideas for things like fanfiction or short stories we can write! I know that the Faerie Path books have affected me deeply. I redid my room to look as close as it could to Tania’s, I read the books billions of times, I joined every chat room or contest, I even told my parents I was naming my kids Edric and Tania! I know Faerie Path will never leave me, it will always be there and I hope it will do the same for others!

  10. Tomáši, to máš asi pravdu s tím plastem a kovem. I když dobré plastové kolo může být lepší než blbé kovové. Nicméně já s experimenty končím, převodovku ano, ale Maxona (pokud je Ivan sežene), nebo koupím Reisenauera. Možná, že se dá i levná převodovka vyladit, ale já na to nemám nervy . H.

  11. Hi SusanI would love to see what you do with all those decorations. I gave all my decorations away to my three daughters years ago to remind them of their childhood, they each got a new decoration for the tree every year until they left home. So I let my girls do Christmas and I shall be travelling down to Cambridge this year to be with Fleur and her husband and Humphrey their ginger cat who is very talkative, his loud meow sounds just like hello! Enjoy your festivities and happy decorating.

  12. fridaychild:si potrebbe parlare del fatto che i sistemi operativi parrebbe che, “out of the box”, siano oggi tutti piu’ sicuri di qualche tempo faInfatti, sembra strano a dirsi, ma pochi anni fa nessuno di noi prospettava una situazione del genere.Addirittura, si facevano catastrofistiche previsioni sui virus fuori controllo.Da parte mia, spero che questo decennio sia l’ultimo di “guadagno facile” per tutti i produttori di antivirus.

  13. Fark YES,that's a fabulous maxi!Shame about the head pinching hat.Sadly,with our big heads,that's often the way of it!I ahve a couple that I wear rakishly sideways in order to get aways with it!Yay to greta scores,the cunchairs are diviin,and you scored some greta handbags/basketry!!!The radio is the most scrumptious colour!!!And then more retrotastic party ware!!Heaven!Caps off the day nicely…….hahaha if there IS a VW sitting on the drive!!!How spelndid!Love Helga xxxXXXxxx

  14. : Tu m’excuses, mais à partir du moment où ton site devient relativement complexe avec de la gestion de données, des fonctionnalités derrière, j’aimerai bien savoir en quoi ton code n’est pas protégé. Que tu sois en python, php, ruby, java… Certes les gens auront accès au code de présentation du site et après ? C’est pas l’interface qui fait la web APP, car on parle bien d’une web application, pas d’un simple site internet.

  15. radii, Afghanistan received more US aid than Israel before 1976, and after 2002. Israel only gets one five thousanth of US income per year in aid.China has a very powerful lobby in America. I would argue it is more powerful than the Israeli lobby and more subtle and behind the scenes. It focuses primarily on business and economic interests.

  16. Very much enjoyed this except for the impenetrable printed-newspaper version of 8d, which I now assume is a misprint, hence the online difference, unless maybe it’s a joke good enough to surpass Firefly’s wonderful “Fondle a thicker thong? (5)” from a Toughie about a year ago (take a word for fondle and split it 1-4, then compare to the usual thong, 1-6)Very inventive and entertaining with a lovely theme, yet not so tough that my head hurt.Thanks to Firefly and Bufo.

  17. "Die Geschichte zeigt aber, dass die Einführung der Sozialstaaten am effizientesten die Ungleichheit innerhalb der Gesellschaft bekämpft hat." Richtig. Die Ungleichheit wurde bekämpft, die Armut aber nicht, die wurde gefördert. Wo (fast) Alle arm sind ist die "Ungleichheit" gering. Gut zu beobachten in Kuba oder Nordkorea.

  18. “You have to trust and give of yourself first before you understand more–does this seem backwards?”In my class I say that the soul trains the body, and the body trains the soul. Often the way for a soul to understand, the body must act as though the soul already understands; and by the body doing virtue, the soul acquires the understanding of virtue.


  20. What an idiotic prediction. Saying that the "Big Three" would get dismantled! Hello! You just mentioned that Bosh is out, so it doesn’t seem too fair to say that the team is a "failure", when a key element of the team is missing! That’s like saying the Bulls should dismantle their lineup because they got knocked off in the first round. Anytime a key player is out, it’s not fair to judge the whole team.

  21. Your cakes are amazing! I love the companion cube one. :PI’ve played both Super Meat Boy and Minecraft but I’ve never heard of Bastion. I think you should go for the Minecraft one. You could make lots of little cube cakes and stack them together to get the Minecraft affect. I bet it will taste amazing however it looks. 🙂

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  23. Julia Crepaldi comentou em 6 de junho de 2012 às 18:57. Pois muito bem.. Pele limpa antes e depois da maquiagem é principal etapa. Parabéns pelos vídeos, são simples e com bastante informação! Sou fã e passo por aqui todos os dias.. sucesso Família Petit

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  25. Hi! I found your blog through Triberr. I'm Aspie with chronic migraines, too! LOL. I also was diagnosed with Fibro, but by a really shoddy physician so I don't think it's true. Although, on paper, we're pretty matched! I like the use of "identity issues" to describe a book. Where do you get the time to read so much?

  26. Caro Kelebek,il commentarium al tuo precedente post si è svolto così :il Faraone Magdi I si è convertito al Cattolicesimo col nome di Cristiano e Ben Hur si sarebbe visto rubare la scena pure se fosse stato Charlton Heston in persona ))by DavidRitvanarium

  27. Ana Lídia sua penteadeira é LINDA!!!! é um sonho mesmo…Eu ainda organizo as minhas maquiagens em bolsinhas e depois coloco dentro de uma bolsa maior e realmente toda vez que vou me maquiar tenho que despejar tudo em cima da cama ou da pia e depois organizar tudo, mas é por que viajo muito (GSIA-BSB-Anicuns-GSIA). Assim que tiver uma casinha quero copiar a ideia da penteadeira. Bjo!!!

  28. Rodrigo Castro / Pra mim isso é coisa de cientista frustrado que quer aparecer na mídia pelo menos uma vez na vida e fica inventando coisa. Em situações de estresse uma pessoa normal pode ter pequenas alucinações sem nenhuma substância. Quem nunca pensou ver um vulto ou ter ouvido algo durante situações de muita pressão ou medo?Gostei deste comentário ou não: 0

  29. Odvaž se používat vlastní rozum. S tím snad pÅ™iÅ¡li už osvícenci. Snažme se používat aspoň ten selský a nedÄ›lejme ze sebe jeÅ¡tÄ› vÄ›tší pitomce. A využití Barev – jedinÄ› tak otestovat současnou vládu, na nic jiného se to nehodí.

  30. before Gerry revealed Usando on 1711 map was Jukdo, check the print screen of their site After a few months, they changed the sentence and admitted that this Usando is likely to be Jukdo as they now explains like other maps. I think Korean acadmics who fiercely accused Japanese researchers from Shimane should be ashamed of themselves and owe a huge apology to Prof. Shimojou and others.

  31. One more thought. I don’t think there’s anything wrong with someone sending a personal message like “hey I noticed you stopped following me… I just want to make sure I didn’t upset or offend you.” If someone sent me that message I would respond honestly and graciously, and it may prevent hard feelings on either side. I’d like to see Twitter offer the ability to send a farewell DM when you unfollow someone, so you can set the record straight before they catch wind of it.

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  38. Gays quarantine themselves…as someone in the movement, it’s really hard to get most of them to do any sort of protesting outside of WeHo. I’m trying to start my own slogan: “get out!”Out of the closet, out of WeHo, out of apathy…Think of the penguins!

  39. Ronnie, I love reading your comments! I believe like all our painting friends it keeps me focused on the positives in my life and I did not realize that until my dear late husband asked one day when other “things” had taken over my time “When are you going to start painting again?” and I snapped at him with “why?”. His response ” When you are not painting you really are “bitchy”. I have to agree and smile every time I remember that comment.Hugs

  40. SÃ¥ dejligt – er sÃ¥ vild med hans smÃ¥ tilkendegivelser – det er simpelthen sÃ¥ glædeligt – og vi er sÃ¥ privilegerede at have mange stærke kræfter som stiller, deres ekspertiser gratis til rÃ¥dighed – blot for at nævne lidt: evaluering af nyhedsbreve, analyser og fremtidsstrategier og meget meget mere – alle som knokler hÃ¥rdt for og er med til at skabe en bærdygtig succes.

  41. Bof, depuis le moi de mai nous sommes de facto sans réel gouvernement et sans réel président, de toute façon. La période 2012-2017 correspondra à un vide politique, une vacuité totale, une éclipse complète, donc cinq ans de perdus. Montrons simplement aux Belges que nous pouvons faire aussi bien qu’eux.

  42. Time goes like a snail at this point!! I can remember back 29 1/2 years….yes my memory will go that far. But then to be honest when we were getting really close the x-ray showed my Jeff to be breech…coming out feet first…so a C-Section was planned. Therefore the actual waiting ended on a planned day.But I’m sure your Jeffrey will get here on the assigned day and all will be well.Thinking of you and praying he arrives safe and sound and soon.Susan

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  44. Analogy – The 'cover-up' is always worse than the underlying transgression. Herman Cain learned this lesson when his short-lived ride as the GOP leader in the polls began to unravel. I suspect that Ron Paul is about to learn the same lesson as he rides the wave of GOP leadership in the polls right now…

  45. “slagging Marxism would be popular in Poland but I really don’t think that’s enough to warrant such a statement. I can’t find any particular Polishness in the work”——I think slagging Marxism IS very Polish.The Italians, French, Germans, Scandinavians, Dutch and (some?)Brits will never critisize Marxism so openly. In western Europe there is more or less a hidden love/sympathy for Marx, Lenin and co.I think only Poland and the USA are so “anti Marxist”. (and some smaller countries)

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  47. Camila, eu sempre tive a sobrancelha muito ralinha, muito mesmo e clara! De uns tempos pra cá venho usando sombra pra preencher, só que tenho notado ela ficar com menos pelo ainda. Você tem alguma diga?Obrigada [] Respondeu:October 24th, 2012 em 9:58 am, Alguma dica * hihiE o blog nem preciso dizer que está sempre lindo, né? Parabéns pelo seu trabalho! []

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