วันปิยมหาราช 23 ตุลาคม พ.ศ.2559

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ในวันอาทิตย์ที่ 23 ตุลาคม 2559

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  2. Double digging is an unnecessary amount of labor. If you are starting a new ground bed, cover the soil with a thick layer of newspaper and/or cardboard, dump the compost on top. If you prep in the fall you can plant in the spring. ? Also DO NOT add sand to clay soil, ever. Clay and sand make what? Bricks.

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  4. FTB: "Whatever the legislation that comes out of it, odds are good that it will only make things worse."And isn't that exactly bho's objective? To make things worse?The statists are in control, and the statists will have their way – unless they are stopped. The partisans stopped Mussolini the statist in a particularly creative and photogenic manner that I think would be an interesting commentary on American politics if done here.

  5. The ABC video, , indicates the speculators make more per gallon of gas – without producing one drop of fuel – then anyone involved in the extraction, refinery, storage or dispensing of fuel. You combine the costs of such speculation along with the federal, state & local taxes and we wonder why the price of gasoline continues to increase putting any economic recovery in peril.

  6. Oh Bella, I'm tearing up over here…what a lovely tribute to your mom. My kids tease me about not being "mom-ish" and I wonder sometimes if their first thought is what you first felt…a little mortified. But honestly, the older they get, the more I think they appreciate their mom's style and the fact that she has one. Your mom is stunning! Love her, hug her, smooch her….absolutely as much as you can! Happy Birthday to a FABULOUS lady! ~Serene

  7. Alberto:Os cursos científicos não são mais nem menos que os outros. Em todos os cursos em que a disciplina de Filosofia existe deveria haver exame nacional. O que poderia justificar uma tal diferenciação?Os exames não são nenhum bicho de sete cabeças: quem sabe realmente uma coisa consegue explicá-la aos outros. cumprimentos

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  9. Love the picture!But seriously, Iggy’s top 3 priorities are infrastructure, tax cuts – and EI, which Harper doesn’t support. The NPost is just trying to divide the party between Iggy and Rae, mostly by stirring up pro- and anti-Rae people by painting the left as power mad. I think that’s a stretch and I won’t play their (NPost) game.

  10. Le risque du cursif… A l’époque, on réécrivait, aujourd’hui, on coupe-colle, enchevêtrements d’instants, mélanges d’atmosphères, micro-ruptures de style, on s’attaque à la même montagne mais en grignotant le sentier parcouru ; impossible recomposition de l’histoire mentale du texte, disparition du brouillon, tristesse et ennui d’une écriture numérique destinée à tomber dans l’oubli.

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  16. Bamboo is a lot stronger than it looks. I suspect they use it more as scaffolding around Asia due to it’s abundance. Also, at least you know the workers are at least doing some work in Hong Kong. Back home in ye Old United Kingdome, they don’t seem to be doing much, if not necessarily because of sheer laziness then because of some red tape that hasn’t been done and that inevitably has to do with overzealous health and safety laws…

  17. Yet again, I have to point out: Nazi Germany was not in any way archaic or traditional. Nazis were into pseudo-paganism, socialism, nudism, freaky health and science fads, nonsmoking, nondrinking, free love (between Aryans), big government, the dissolution of the family, and ritual magic. To get any Democrat to sign on with enthusiasm, all you’d have to do is remove the bits about good grooming, and maybe switch around which races get the special privileges.Nazis were progressives.

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  21. I loved the idea!! We had such fun. I don’t think my 12, 14, and 16 year old step children have ever done much crafty stuff before, and I figured they’d hate it…but they had such fun!! I’ve got everything from Lady Gaga and cheesecake to Jesus and the military on that pumpkin! Tristan drew the face himself. Thank you for the inspiration!!

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  24. I don’t know about VA, but I know in my state, small business write-offs are a huge flag for an state audit. Especially when you start writing off things like cars and portions of your house and your laptop that you would probably own anyway and your ISP and your oats, etc. That kind of thing.

  25. Anxiety. On some level, it has always been a part of my life, a part of me. But then after Little Girl arrived I felt more of it and it no longer felt okay and I talked with someone. Not sure if you read my post about it, but happy to provide the link if not. Anyway, so good of you to wonder about this. A profound first step, I think, in figuring it all out. Not that we can really ever figure it all out

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  29. bgrigg, you’re right that not everyone can do it. I’ll point out that a lot of the professionals in the public schools can’t do the job, either, but that’s avoiding your main point. How about I rephrase it as, of the small and self-selected group who go to the effort and expense of home schooling their children, almost all do better than the public school system.  SteveF

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  32. Great points, Chaos4700, I completely agree! Conservatives in government have been a disaster. And it’s really hurt this nation as a whole. However, on a grassroots, activist, academic level what I say is incontrovertible. There’s no liberal Family Research Council. Liberals just don’t care. They’re interested in promoting the sexual license of adults at all costs, and it children suffer well, that’s just the unfortunate price to pay for “freedom” without responsibility.

  33. .Try making a decent movie that is solely from your own imagination, Tarantino. Until then you’re nothing more than the worst kind of thief, plumbing the depths of other people’s triumphs, pretending they’re your own.PS: While you’re at it, stop w/ the wet dream, wishful thinking murder fest pastiches of oppressed peoples. Why not let Jews & African Americans tell their own stories?

  34. Hello Anne, The article on the Easter bread only intrigued me to go look into all of my Italian cookbooks and not find a single cheese bread made at Easter. They are all sweet and they are what I am accustomed to, thanks to Maria’s recipe I will try the cheese bread tomorrow after I purchase all of the ingredients. I was one of the guests at Bob and Marilyn’s home, the guy who did most of the chopping. Sincerely, Anthony

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  36. Wolfram : le Proche-Orient, comme la Macédoine, est une notion géographique aux contours peu définis. Le Proche-Orient est à cheval sur l’Asie et l’Afrique. On appelle aussi cette région le Levant. On peut y inclure la Libye et le Soudan (nous parlons sous l’autorité du Petit Robert).

  37. Yo no creo que el problema sea el número de políticos electos, sino de los cuantiosos cargos de confianza que existen en el estado, de intituciones inútiles como las diputaciones que solo sirven para colocar a enchufados de los partidos y del comportamiento poco ético de muchos de nuestros políticos.Salud, República y Socialismo

  38. Enjoyed it! Enjoy your recaps even more! By the way, is anyone else getting tired of Blake Lively’s Serena? The way she always pouts and her mouth turns down and she gets that broken whiny voice, whether she’s being thoughtful, angry, upset, or comforting? I love her when she smiles, hate it when she’s all serious.

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  45. I think the first show got canceled because the network didn’t think it had a chance of ever being a big enough hit to make them money. It got good numbers, but CBS takes shits on good numbers. They want great numbers. If we had gotten the same numbers on NBC, I would have to call them and tell them to stop sending hookers to my apartment.

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