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  28. For the most part ugghh. Huntress is basically the same, PG has lost all her charm. Superman does look a bit young so it probably is Superboy and the costume is ok, would need to see more of it and Batman’s. I don’t get the removal of gold on WW in any universe. Hopefully when all the money spent on this relaunch is seen as a failure Lee, Johns and Didio will get the blame and be sent packing. IMO they have been at the wheel of DC far too long and have been nothing but a trainwreck of misdirection.

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  49. Love this post. I am right there with you. Time is going too fast, and I’m determined to savor this coming holiday season with my family. I want to build memories that will last and spend some seriously quality time with lots of snuggling, crafts, cooking/baking, reading and playing. I wouldn’t let Kade do a Christmas play this year in an effort to slow down our nights/family time so we can enjoy it together. You’re photos are so peaceful. xo, Jess

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  55. Are the French sending settler-colonist-combatants onto the West Bank to set fire to olive groves and burn down mosques? Don’t play stupid, DBG, it suits you well enough but nobody’s fooled that you’re THAT brainless. JDL is not a French organization, and its not the French government that its in bed with.

  56. (EroticRomReader) I started to have twitter withdrawals about 8 hours into my vacation. Hubs caught me sneaking downstairs to the hotel lobby’s free internet cafe. @Julia Rachel Barrett From now on I just say no to any and all alcoholic beverages. Honestly the woman that made that fruit punch from hell, should warn peeps the next time it tasted like sprite *sighs*.@K-Khan wait, what? Who isn’t invited to Louey’s wedding?! I need details, Mom never tells me this type of gossip.

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