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  1. > lucullus, olimaliaCoincé sur une étagère entre deux dicos, je retrouve « L’argumentation » de Christian Plantain, Seuil, 1996, coll. Mémo, 23. Pour lui :— ad hominem : mise en contradiction de l’adversaire= paroles et paroles= paroles et croyances= paroles et actes= prescriptions et pratiques— ad personam : insultes, descriptions négatives de l’adversaire.N.B. « coincé » ci-dessus ne se rapporte pas à moi.

  2. Autumn is the time for turning from looking outward to looking inward. I experience Glacier then as the Big Quiet. I feel the cool air on my skin, see the bluer shadows; I even hear the crisper river sounds. When I take time to taste the air, I unconsciously breathe deeper. I look up. I see the lively mountain as a sage deep now in thought at a moment she is alone. Nearby I notice animals getting ready for winter and so can I. I feel like I am between heaven and earth and in my right place.

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  4. Lo de las medidas sociales hay que ponerlo muy entrecomillas. Julio Anguita lo calificaba hace poco de "brindis al sol" cuando le preguntaban por la primera legislatura socialista. En esta, pero en la anterior también, todas las reformas estructurales han ido en el sentido derecho. Muy del PSOE, por cierto.

  5. 小嶋さま両書の文字は以下の通りです。ダダ版のほうが原書に近いと思います。ただしダダ版にも間違いがあります。これは北澤正誠自身の間違いとも考えられます。8コマ                                    不省の誤記      ã‚’    不肖敬義         エムティ  不省敬義    ダダ  不肖敬義◎  貯フ處之一小冊其   ã‚’    昔在ヨリ貯フ處ノエムティ 昔在ヨリ貯フ處之一小冊其ノ    ダダ 昔在ヨリ貯フ處之一小冊其ノ(同じ)9コマ把愛         ã‚’    杞憂エムティ   杞愛     ダダ   杞愛 (同じ=訂正せず) 用旋         ã‚’    周旋エムティ 周旋   ダダ  周旋 (同じ=訂正後) 魚島         ã‚’    魚鳥エムティ 魚島   ダダ  é­šé³¥◎10コマ齬 é½’+舜       ã‚’     齟齬エムティ  齬 é½’+舜       ダダ     齬 é½’+舜(同じ=訂正せず)   國易         ã‚’     國益 ★エムティ 国易(略字)    ダダ  國易(=訂正せず)11コマ來年一月       ã‚’     本年一月エムティ     本年一月      ダダ    本年一月(同じ=訂正後)    非ラス        ã‚’     非ス (ラを削除)エムティ非ラス  ダダ 非ラス(同じ=訂正せず)12コマ府廳而巳之之御裁決    から    (之を一つ削除)エムティ    府廳而巳之之御裁決   ダダ   府廳而巳之御裁決 ◎13コマ其同         ã‚’      其後 ★エムティ   其後   ダダ    其後(同じ=訂正後)    則別紙        ã‚’      卽別紙   ★エムティ 即別紙    ダダ   即別紙(同じ=訂正後)14コマ則別紙        ã‚’     即別紙     ★エムティ 即別紙   ダダ即別紙 (同じ=訂正後)誠袁         ã‚’     誠衷 エムティ 誠衷   ダダ 誠衷  (同じ=訂正後)17コマ平學          平學 (一學かと校案を付記している)エムティ 平學    ダダ 平學(同じ=校案なし)古來本島       ã‚’      古來本邦エムティ 古來本邦  ダダ  古來本邦 (同じ=訂正後)18コマ兒玉貞陽   (兒玉貞陽のまま)  ★ 後の「版図」写本に、「貞易」の誤記がある)エムティ 貞易   ダダ  貞陽◎19コマ一日ヲクルレハ   ã‚’   一日ヲオクルレハ ★エムティ 一日ヲクルレハ   ダダ  一日ヲクルレハ(同じ=訂正前)生スル至ラン ã‚’    生スルニ至ラン ★エムティ  生ズルニ至ラン (ズ)  ダダ  生スルニ至ラン(訂正後と同じ)人ヲ征ス      ã‚’      人ヲ制ス   ★エムティ 人ヲ征ス   ダダ 人ヲ制ス◎悔ルトモ      ã‚’     悔ユルトモ     ★エムティ 悔ルトモ  ダダ 悔ルトモ (同じ=訂正前)22コマ證據無シ      ã‚’     確據無シ ★エムティ 確據無シ  ダダ 確據無シ(同じ=訂正後)審査シ   ã‚’      實査シ ★エムティ 實査シ   ダダ 實査シ(同じ=訂正後)24コマ北偉        ã‚’      北緯エムティ 北偉 ダダ 北偉(同じ=どちらも訂正前の間違いのまま)朝鮮國、日耳曼 ã‚’ 朝鮮圖、日耳曼 ★エムティ 朝鮮ニ(カタカナの「ニ」)   ダダ 朝鮮国(略字) *どちらも間違いヲーペルス はそのまま訂正せずエムティ ヲーペルス   ダダ ヲーペルス(どちらも間違い)*たぶん北澤正誠は「キーペルス」を知らない于人島 ã‚’      于山島(これは暫く後の訂正か)エムティ 于人島    ダダ 于人島             *渡辺洪基も北澤正誠も「于人島」と書いていたと思われる眞圖 は英図の誤りに気付かずそのままエムティ 真図   ダダ 真図(同じ=どちらも略字)ラサレヲ      はそのまま訂正せず(版図ではラサレフ)エムティ 「ラサレヲ  ダダ 「ラサレヲ(同じ=どちらも間違い、どちらもはじめにのみかぎかっこ)26コマ十一月 ã‚’      十一月中 ★エムティ 十一月中    ダダ 十一月中(同じ=訂正後)32コマ瑪璃 ã‚’     瑪瑙エムティ 瑪璃   ダダ 瑪璃(同じ=訂正前)34コマ迂生不省 はそのまま訂正せずエムティ 迂生不省   ダダ 迂生不省(同じ)35コマ本國ニ在リ時    ã‚’  本國ニ在シ時エムティ 本国ニ在シ時(国は略字) ダダ 本國ニ在シ時◎(どちらも訂正後)今謁力シテ     ã‚’   今竭力シテ (竭力(ケツリョク):力を尽くすエムティ  余謁力シテ  ダダ 余謁力シテ(同じ=訂正前。またどちらも(「今」ではなく「ä½™」) 36コマ爲サヽ程ノ者ナレハ  ã‚’   爲サヽル程ノ者ナレバ エムティ  爲サル程ノ者ナレハ  ダダ 爲サル程ノ者ナレハ(同じ。上記どちらとも違う)39コマ明春渡海      ã‚’    明春渡島エムティ 明春渡島  ダダ 明春渡島(同じ=訂正後)40コマ支那へ輸出     ã‚’    支那地へ輸出 ★エムティ 支那地へ輸出  ダダ 支那地へ輸出(同じ=訂正後)42コマ此洲無限      ã‚’    此洲爲限   ★エムティ 此洲爲限 ダダ  此洲爲限(同じ=訂正後)43コマ朝鮮准陽府     ã‚’    朝鮮淮陽府(冫じゅん→氵わい) ★坂田原文も「æ·®」エムティ 朝鮮淮陽府  ダダ 朝鮮淮陽府(同じ)=訂正後 どちらもさんずい)御參光 ã‚’ 御參考エムティ 御參考  ダダ 御參考(同じ=訂正後)44コマ奉墾願候      ã‚’    奉懇願候   ★斉藤の原文も「懇」 エムティ 奉懇願候  ダダ 奉懇願候(同じ=訂正後)45コマ下村輪八郎 ã‚’    下村輪八郎  ★エムティ 下村輪八郎 印  ダダ 下村輪八郎 印(同じ=訂正後)開拓ノ略 ã‚’ 開否ノ略    ★エムティ 開否ノ略  ダダ 開否ノ略(同じ=訂正後)*「一日」ではなくて 「它日」ですね猜疑猶未 ã‚’    猜嫌猶未    ★エムティ  猜嫌猶未  ダダ  猜嫌猶未(同じ=訂正後)46コマ蠹紙上       ã‚’    蠧紙上(蠧の上部を、吉から士へ訂正) ★(蠹なら蠧の異体字で正しいのだが、衷の様にすべき所を「吉」としたため)(なお田邊の原文も吉としている)エムティ 吉   ダダ 吉(同じ=訂正前)果々敷 は転記ミスをそのままにしているエムティ 果々敷  ダダ 果々敷(同じ)書圖ニ徴シ は原文の画圖から転記ミスをそのままにしているエムティ 書図(略字)  ダダ 書図(略字)(同じ)佗日ヲ竣アルヘシ  ã‚’  佗日ヲ竢アルヘシ (たじつを竢(まつ)に訂正)(田邊の原文が、佗日を「它日」と略字にしていて本来なら誤記であるのを正しく直している)エムティ  它日ヲ竢アルベシ  ダダ  它日ヲ竢アルベシ(同じ=訂正後 ベは濁音)49コマ猜疑        ã‚’      猜嫌エムティ 猜嫌 ダダ  猜嫌(同じ=訂正後)(どちらもつくりは青)52コマ 松島 ã‚’      竹島エムティ 竹島   ダダ  竹島(同じ=訂正後) *これは「松島」とするなありえない間違い覬 豈+å…ª ã‚’    覬覦エムティ 覬 豈+å…ª    ダダ 覬 豈+å…ª(同じ=訂正前)*これは北澤正誠が間違えたものか知リ始テ了然タリ ã‚’ 知リ、事始テ了然タリエムティ  知リ事始テ了然タリ   ダダ 知リ事始テ了然タリ(同じ=訂正後)

  6. Whatever the sense or otherwise of the outcome, the reasoning should be food for thought for UK examiners, too. In my experience (as a candidate and as a tutor), the concept of a “correct answer” is far too ingrained into several of the papers.The odd one out is the infringement and validity paper, but my experience of that is that the examiner’s want too many answers. No matter how absurd those answers might seem, you have to show you’ve thought about it.

  7. bestof dit : Et quand bien même un groupe débarquerait en se vantant d’avoir balancé les femmes par dessus bord (comme cela s’est fait)? Aurait-on le droit à la moindre observation, le moindre commentaire, voire la simple info sans commentaire, sans être aussitôt taxé d’islamophobie? (stigmatisation des musulmans alors que l’immense majorité des musulmans ne balance pas de musulmanes par dessus bord d’une barquasse en Méditerranée…)

  8. Yeah, it’s a great idea, no doubt – but there’s no way to justify a $50 game purchase on a watch mode alone. If you want a deep, playable NES baseball game with super abilities and a watch mode, for my money you just can’t beat Baseball Simulator 1.000. No robots, but the choice of either a realistic or super ability mode, real-time stats tracking, and nice, controllable gameplay.

  9. “Zionism is not about settler vs Arab in Palestine, but Jew vs gentile everywhere. The Jewish people, the basic Zionist premise, commissions Israel’s crimes, here and in Palestine.”In other words, justice for Palestine isn’t about what some Jews have done in the Middle East, but existentially about the nature of Jews, Jewish thought and practice through the ages.Phil, you taking notes here? Any concerns at all?

  10. Regarding Tom’s ritual: I find that extremely tantilizing to read! I love the switch. I love being told to cut my own switch(es), sometimes being required to peel and sand them. We’ve never combined them though. I assume soaking them makes them heavier, more thud(?) Having to pick the switch with an already stinging bottom sounds yummy. I have some really delicious memories of impromptu switchings while exploring nature. Ok, I have a serious craving for a good switch whipping now. Maybe hubby will find one waiting for him to use on me. An invitation of sorts. 😉

  11. HOLY COW!!!!! These pictures are the most amazing thing ever!!! I’m not sure if it’s the amazingly captivating sparkly eyes…or the fact that you are one heck of a photographer…but these pictures are PERFECT! :O I’m still in awe…And I’m very glad that you’ll start posting more! I know I could use some more of that beauty you create! ;D

  12. Good points, Garry. Having not served myself, and having plenty of respect for those who have done so, I was hoping for someone with the requisite experience in these matters to ask the tough questions that need to be answered. Now that you’ve raised the bar, Shaun, you need to pursue this explanation further and provide documentation.

  13. Most young people will agree that it is theft or at least it is wrong to copy a mate’s CD/MP3 file/DVD. Some jurisdictions do not help themselves, however, and lose credibility by not having fair dealing provisions permitting format-shifting (for example, allowing owners of legitimately-owned CDs to make a personal copy for an MP3 player).

  14. Hm, enpäs olekaan ikinä juonut itseltäni valoja sammuksiin. Enpäs olekaan ikinä edes ollut kunnolla humaltunut. Mites tää homma toimii, näin noviisille. Kämppiksellä on yks 0,3l Lapin Kulta -pullo jonka saisin juoda koska hänellä on hiiva-allergia. Riittääkö tämä? Onko huijaamista jos sekaan muiluttaa muutaman Zopinoxin? Äh, liian hankalaa…Tuohon toiseen tempaukseen osallistun joka tapauksessa. Otan kaikki tulpat seinästä huomenillalla ja luen kirjoja kynttilänvalossa. Viime kerrasta on liian kauan aikaa.

  15. You are so right. The debt ceiling thing was stupid from the beginning too. Everyone knew that they were bluffing and the President called their bluff early on, but they just kept up the big bluff, making it much worse for themselves. The only thing they really have going for them is the huge number of stupid people in this country, hopefully their de-education campaign hasn’t worked that well.

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  17. Merci encore martinen complément des infos de renaudD je crois aussi voir une petite attaque contre notre cher capitalisme ambiant: les notes aaa+ des agences de notation ; les pourcentages de hausse des salaires ou de la bourse ou autre et les 4000 points du cac 40.Du coté éducation, c’était peut etre en lien avec un colloque récent sur la « constante macabre »

  18. I don't question Baldwin's right to say what he wants, celebrity status or not, influential or not. But I do think he should be accountable for the consequences of his actions. Specifically, what he did to the HFBR and the many fine people who dedicated their lives to building and using that facility. He ruined the lives and careers of many of them by his actions in getting it shutdown. He probably doesn't care since they are only workers in the nuclear industry and therefore "deserve" what they got, but it remains my belief that what he did was wrong, and, because it harmed people, immoral (evil).

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  22. I wonder why white males are by far the most suicidal group.This goes against the popular idea of white male being the most privileged group in society.I've heard the argument being made that males are more likely to commit violent act, but there are other ethnic groups more likely to be involved in violent acts with much lower suicide rates.I'd love to hear any and all theories on this.

  23. some comments are sometimes better than the post itself I believe strategies are just a tool to keep you on track, but should always be adapted to new projects, and be build up slowly, well the last bit (building up slowly) is more personal, it seems to work better for me and it is easier to do than start with something huge, which tends to make me feel overwhelmed. Looking forward to hear what you have under control, once you are there!

  24. IASC telah ke Korea baru2 ini..tp hairan dan ajaib kontrator pun join skali tuh…atas tiket ape? Pegawai yg tk berkaitan pun turut serta kunjungan ke Korea. Pengawai yg sepatutnya atau dalam bidang kerja ditinggalkan oleh Pengurusan IASC.Dimana keadilan dan pemilihan atas kunjungan tersebut?? Yayasan Pahang hanya tahu bagi duit je.

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  27. Да, 15 периодов импульса на оборот. Что сильно не совпадает? Умножать и делить не надо ничего. Главное четко отслеживать каждый щелчок. Можно даже опросами не заниматься, а сделать на прерываниях с подавлением дребезга.

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  29. To think that even after Aipac top officials were caught red handed( again )passing highly classified intelligence to Israeli agents. Even though Jane “waddling on over” Harman interfered in the Aipac espionage investigation and the Israeli firster team were able to shut down that 9 time delayed trial…after all of this undermining of US National Security Aipac still controls our Senate

  30. I love my pass!! However, I’ve found that having that little gem can also cost you, suddenly those spontaneous trips start adding up, especially when you start taking advantage of those room discounts. But, I chalk it all up to that lovely Disney Fuzzy Math!! and the happy memories are well worth the cost!

  31. I can't buy my current cell phone service any cheaper. Same price or higher as a year ago and the two years before that. I'd argue 0% inflation, but not negative. Seems that market likes to move in $10 increments too (hard to get a 3% change). On the TV's, the gov't mandated digital conversion is over. Everybody bought one (or two or three) already. The LCD surplus and big price drop was forecast last year.

  32. Hi and welcome! Yes, this blog is my baby….I have been writing for many years, but this particular incarnation is just since last year. Thank you for reading and commenting!@Lisa, Thank you for your kind words…my prayer in all that I share so deeply and personally is that by doing so I am liberating something in others, providing an opportunity to heal, too. We are all such complex, wonderful, messy creatures….and I love us humans.

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  35. anxious, I know what you mean. I noticed a similar problem when I played Miranda Park Jones on the Banner of Heaven blog. As a male blogger, I’m the most reviled participant in the bloggernacle. But when I blogged as Miranda Park Jones (of long neck), who was an absolute knockout, the men of the bloggernacle fell all over themselves to say how thoughtful and clever and bold I was. So much for sincerity.

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  39. Thanks Tom.. Much appreciated. The rehabilitated storks are likely to be released this week (possibly on Wednesday). It’s going to be a massive good news story that will hopefully be picked up by the local and national media in a big way… But in a sign that there are many battles to come, Jan-Erik Nilsen reported some large nets at Miyun Reservoir on Saturday…. Hopefully we can have a ‘day of action’ there next weekend…

  40. I agree with you about Stargate, Will. And, in hindsight, I probably should have eulogized that show instead of Smallville. But Stargate did manage to finish the last season (it wasn’t canceled at the mid-season finale), but it wasn’t meant to be the last season, so it ended on a bit of a cliffhanger. And it was just when SGU was getting really good, too.

  41. Hey aang, you missed some of the French accomplishments, let me remind you:- Sétif & Guelma 1945: 8 to 15000 (you covered that one)- Madagascar 1946-47 : 10000 direct deaths plus 20000-30000 of hunger and illness.- Constantinois insurrection 1955 : 12000- Cameroon 1960 : 40000 of the Bassas and Bamilekes tribes.

  42. y empezaron los golpes de pecho y a curarse en salud….Cuando éstos zátrapas Gaznápiros son la causa de mismo que acusan….y luego cuando no puedan, saldrá “El Señor de las Moscas” a decir calladitos se ven más bonitos, porque sino, vendrá El Gran Pendejo a darnos “UN ESTATE QUIETO PUBLO” ó no Minipendejo? BUUUUUUUÚ!!!…..

  43. I am also taking Risperdal for my type I bipolar. I have felt like there has been something missing but really couldn’t put my finger on it. I think you’re right, what I’m feeling is nothing. I was thinking that maybe is was a depression returning but knew was different from before. Your description of your side effect really explains the feeling. Not depressed, just flat. My Dr gives me some leeway with minor adjustments with dosage so I’m reducing the Risperdal to see if it helps. Needless to say I’ll be discussing this with my Dr at my next appointment. Thanks for sharing your experience.

  44. Did we see the wholesale enslavement of Indian populations by American colonists that we saw under the Spanish?In the Cherokee Trail of Tears for example, the Supreme Court took the Indian side. Jackson illegally violated the law and wrongly exploited congressional authority to force them out.This entire discussion is a tangent, but you might want to read up on how many tribes in the area of the colonies were assimilated or the destroyed by the Iroquois Confederacy, who behaved much as the European powers were accused of behaving.

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